[Myth Debunked #3] Magnetic plug connectors are not compatible with phone cases.

[Myth Debunked #3] Magnetic plug connectors are not compatible with phone cases.

There is a lot of confusion about whether magnetic charging cables are compatible with phone cases. The answer to this question is not that easy. It varies depending on the type of case you have for your smartphone.

This blog post will answer this question and help you decide if this type of cable is right for you!

Quick reminder: How does magnetic charging cable work?

Before diving directly into the question of compatibility between magnetic charging cables and phone cases, let's first have a quick recap on how these magnetic phone chargers work.

Our Magnetic chargers (starter packs) come with the following items:

  • A USB charging cable with a magnetic connector (rounded or rectangular, depending on the model you choose);
  • A set of 3 Magnetic charging connectors (USB Type-C, Micro USB, and iOS Lightning). These little magnetic tips must be plugged directly into your devices (phone, tablet, reader power bank, or any USB device).

These two elements (cable and magnetic tips) connect thanks to the small magnets located on both the end of the USB cable and the connector.

Now you must be asking if these little magnetic tips will fit any phones that are protected with a phone case?

The short answer is: Yes for almost all phone cases available on the market. But there are some exceptions that we will explain later on.

Example: iPhone Xs covered with a Shockproof phone case.

You may be wondering how such a big rounded connector fits a phone with a phone case on it?

To illustrate this with a real-life example, we will use an iPhone Xs protected with a Shock Phone case from Bodyguardz (check out these great phone cases HERE)

Here is a picture of the iPhone with this case, zoomed on the phone connector:

iPhone Xs protected with bodyguardz phone case

You will notice that this phone case has rugged protection covering every edge of the phone. The cutting for the lightning connectors clearly shows the relative thickness of the cover.

You may be wondering if our Magnilink tips would fit with such a case?

The answer is YES. See it by yourself:

iPhone XS with phone case and magnetic tips plugged in

The magnetic charging tips fit perfectly with this shockproof cover, which means it would work with any "regular" phone cases as well!

To achieve this, we had to slightly "curve" the magnetic charging head and add a tiny gap between the phone and the connector (when plugged into your phone).

You will notice this while using our connector on a naked phone:

iPhone with Magnilink connector inserted

⚠️Warning: Potential incompatibilities with "heavy-duty" rugged phone cases.

Although we have ensured that our magnetic tips will perfectly fit almost any phone cover available on the market, we can not guarantee full compatibility with super-rugged cases.

Example of rugged phone cases that may not work with our magnetic tips

  • Otterbox Defender (link to Otterbox.com)
  • Lifeproof Fre (link to Lifeproof.com)
  • Any other rugged cases with a waterproof seal on the connector

This type of case has a built-in connector seal. If you plug our magnetic charging tip into the phone, you will no longer use the case connector seal.

As such, we do not recommend you using our magnetic connector with these specific phone cases unless you are ready to remove the case connector seal.

Conclusion: our magnetic charging cable will work perfectly with (almost) any phone case!

You now know that our magnetic charging cable will work with virtually any existing phone case (besides rugged cases with connector seal).

And if you're interested in getting one of our revolutionary magnetic charging cables, check out our bestsellers : Magnilink 360 MAXX

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